F.A.Q: we answer your questions

For your convenience, you can consult our catalogue of analyses or call our laboratory on (+352) 27-321, and we will confirm the tube to be filled at the sample collection.

See the catalog

Most results of routine analyses are released on the day they were collected, if the sample was taken in the morning.
Some more specific analyses require more time, up to several days.

 We can collect your samples by courier service - you simply have to call. The courier will pick up your samples at your practice, and they will be processed upon reception at the lab.

A dedicated team of nurses takes biological samples at our patients' homes.
Simply call our laboratory on 27-321 and a nurse will visit your patient on the requested day.
Please indicate if a blood test is urgent so that it can be treated as a matter of priority both in terms of collection and processing in our laboratory. We guarantee that results will be delivered as soon as possible.

For information on using or maintaining our IT solutions, you can call our laboratory on 27-321 or e-mail: helpdesk@bionext.lu. A computer technician will advise you.

The mobile phone number is required to activate your MYLAB account and for two-factor authentication when logging in. If you are unable to log in due to a change of number, please contact our helpdesk at (+352) 27-321 or by e-mail helpdesk@bionext.lu

It usually takes 48 to 72 hours for a smear.
Results of mycological samples usually take about a month.
For more details on the time frame for these results, you can call our Bacteriology Department on 285 777 285.