Our commitments



BIONEXT provides patients and prescribers with test results that contribute to screening, diagnosis, prevention and therapeutic follow-up.

BIONEXT is accredited by OLAS according to EN ISO 15189 under the number 1/038 for the following technical fields

- General and specialised biochemistry

- Pharmacology

- Haematology

- Haemostasis

- Immuno-hematology

- Allergology

- Auto-Immunity

- Bacteriology

- Parasitology

- Mycology

- Infectious molecular biology

- Infectious serology

- Spermiology

- Medically assisted reproduction

- Collection of biological samples

This specific accreditation for medical analysis laboratories assures our patients and prescribing doctors that our laboratory is organised in compliance with the normative requirements.






BIONEXT's quality policy is based on several strategic axes:

- To maintain the recognition of the technical and organisational competence of the laboratory through the accreditation of BIONEXT by OLAS, in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 15189 standard

- To satisfy our patients and prescribers by providing reliable results, within the given timeframe, according to efficient analysis techniques adapted to the needs of patients and correspondents involved in the care process 

- To empower and continuously train our staff in order to develop their technical skills and qualifications 

- To select and use efficient methods, tools and partners adapted to the intended use, in compliance with the regulations in force and available technological developments.

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You are at the heart of our actions at BIONEXT, which is why we want to offer you a service that adapts to your needs, whether you are a border resident or a resident, young or old, you are our daily priority.  BIONEXT is committed to providing you and your prescribing doctor with reliable test results in the shortest possible time to improve your quality of life.


Protection of your personal data

The protection of your data is our priority

You probably use MYLAB to access your analysis results. MYLAB is not only the fastest solution to access your test results, but also the most secure. MYLAB meets the strictest standards for health data protection under the GDPR. Only you and your prescribing doctor have access to your results, no one else can intercept them. You also benefit from a complete history of your tests and direct access to the PHR.

Where is your data stored?

BIONEXT has its own servers in Luxembourg. They are located in a data centre recognised at a European level for the reliability, security and quality of its services, particularly in the processing of banking data. The physical proximity between BIONEXT and its servers allows for a maximum internet speed and a reduced latency time, guaranteeing a better connection quality.

Furthermore, the fact that we have our own servers means that all our data, and therefore your data, is protected by Luxembourg law. This would not be the case with servers located in the United States where the application of the Patriot Act allows access by the country's authorities without prior control. Storing your data in Luxembourg allows us to keep control over the physical location of your data to ensure that you remain in control of your personal data.

With MYLAB, your data is well protected.