About us

As a young company, BioneXt LAB stands out for its resolutely collaborative approach, with the objective of using analytical tools and related services to maximise a physician's patient care capabilities. 

BIONEXT is a partner of the CNS (Caisse Nationale de Santé) and is committed to offering a very high quality medical service accessible to all. 

Focused on its core business, BIONEXT relies on experienced staff and a state-of-the-art technical platform to offer a full range of analyses, including routine and specialised analyses. 

Our specialised departments enable us to carry out almost all the analyses that are entrusted to us. Only certain rare analyses are subcontracted to partner laboratories. Conversely, we also carry out specialised medical biology analyses for other foreign laboratories, including hospitals.

Thanks to selected partnerships, BIONEXT is positioned as a skills integrator at the service of the patient and his doctor. Companies, individuals, health professionals, BIONEXT accompanies you throughout your health journey.


Dr. Jean-Luc Dourson

BIONEXT was founded in January 2017 by Dr Jean-Luc Dourson, former owner-operator of the Ketterthill laboratory.

BIONEXT quickly developed partnerships including CHEM to take over the outpatient laboratory activities of its three sites in Esch-sur-Alzette, Niederkorn and Dudelange.

In November 2017, the collaboration between BIONEXT and Luxembourg's homecare nursing networks gave rise to the PICKEN DOHEEM service, the country's first and only mobile blood sampling service by appointment, punctually and without charge.

In 2023, PICKEN DOHEEM and BIONEXT will merge their services with a new visual identity.

More than a change of visual identity, the unification of our services under the BIONEXT banner is part of a process of continuous improvement at the service of the patient.


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Our philosophy: to be a positive impact company

For our employees

Within our company, we pursue a policy aimed at the development of our employees. In addition to a certain degree of flexibility to allow for a good balance between work and family life, we place great emphasis on the continuous training of our staff and favour internal promotion as much as possible. 

For the economy

Rather than competition, BIONEXT aims at complementarity by collaborating with partners chosen for their professionalism and their integration in the local economic and social fabric. We believe that our development only makes sense if it benefits all our partners and employees.

A 100% Luxembourg laboratory

BIONEXT is currently the only laboratory whose capital is 100% Luxembourgish. This means that all profits made in Luxembourg are reinvested in Luxembourg. This is what allows BIONEXT to offer an unparalleled level of service, starting with PICKEN DOHEEM, a one-time service, free of charge, accessible to all, residents and cross-border commuters, allowing them to take a blood test at the address of their choice throughout Luxembourg.

made in luxembourg


Our values

Rigorous scientific techniques allow us to deliver reliable and accurate results on time.

A spirit of openness to new technologies and societal developments allows us to continuously improve our services both in the primary medical objective of the company and related services.

Our collaborative approach aims to have a positive impact on our partners, on the economy, and ultimately on the health and quality of life of patients.

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