VeinViewer® Flex 

A revolutionary improvement for patients and healthcare providers


«No more anxiety for patients who are difficult to inject. A projector makes it possible to see the venous network under the skin and to prick in the right place. This is a revolutionary advance, particularly for children and the elderly. » explains Johan Boucher, a nurse by training and the referent of the BIONEXT mobile service.

To perform the sampling procedure, finding the vein is an essential but sometimes difficult first step. Facilitating and simplifying the visualization of blood vessels by using a simple and easy-to-use device can sometimes be of great help. VeinViewer® Flex is the solution that offers these advantages. The system can be used on the entire human body and is suitable for all ages and skin types. 

Primarily dedicated to patients with low venous capital, it allows the visualization of the smallest veins

The image capture is impressive: 200 images can be taken, recorded and eventually transferred to a computerised patient file.
The portable device projects an infrared light onto the skin. It is absorbed by the blood and reflected by the surrounding tissue with green LEDs.

VeinViewer provides an accurate, real-time image of the patient's blood profile. The projected image is the size of a compress. VeinViewer Flex improves speed of care and patient comfort. 

Less stress for everyone!

The BIONEXT laboratory now offers the technology by appointment for blood sampling at its BIONEXT sampling centres or at the patient's address of choice.