F.A.Q: we answer your questions

Our collaborative approach involves numerous hospital partners, allowing us to offer health solutions beyond the scope of medical analysis.

Our aim is to provide you with a tailor-made solution. The partnerships we have built enable us to meet all your needs in an appropriate manner in terms of quality and cost. Feel free to make an appointment or contact us on 27-321 for more information.

One of the major challenges for companies today is to attract and retain talent. Health checkups are part of a global policy of well-being at work. Allowing employees to thrive at work has only advantages. It reduces absenteeism and increases productivity. Ultimately, having a loyal and committed workforce contributes to the stability and reputation of your company.

Discover the BNEXTCARE preventive medicine platform:

Our mobile workplace service can only be used with the prior agreement of the employer.

Only if a regular or part-time service is set-up on your company's premises.
Samples related to appointments for individuals or several employees at once are collected at the workplace.

All our services strictly respect medical deontology and professional secrecy. The results of your employees belong to them and you will never receive any information about the health status of your employees.

Cross-border workers have the same rights as resident workers. The results of their analyses will be sent to their attending physician whether they are located in Luxembourg or in a border country. We also accept prescriptions from doctors in other countries.