F.A.Q: we answer your questions

Please have the following documents ready for your pick-up:

  • CNS card
  • identity card
  • Printed medical prescription

For certain analyses, other documents are also necessary:                     

  • Genetic analyses: certificate of consultation and consent.
  • HT21 trisomy in pregnant women: consent form completed by the doctor and the patient, as well as the latest echography (ultrasound) report.

A prescription for analyses is valid for reimbursement by the CNS for 2 months, unless a date not exceeding 6 months has been specified by the prescribing physician.

Renewable prescriptions are valid for 6 months from the date of prescription.

Most analyses can be carried out without an appointment. Waiting times vary according to your time of arrival and the number of people waiting before you.

For spermology and HT21 analyses, please contact us on (+352) 27-321 before attending.

The fastest way to check your results is via our website or our app. You can also ask for a hard copy of your report at one of our centres upon presentation of your identity card.

All specific or specialist samples are transported and managed by our laboratory. If an analysis is performed by a subcontracting laboratory elsewhere, we ensure that it is followed-up all the way to the final result.

CovidCheck is a mobile application deployed in Luxembourg. It allows professionals and authorities to read the QR code on the EU Digital COVID Certificate.

Similar applications exist in other European countries.

It does not provide for the storage of various certificates.

You do not need to do anything. The EU Digital COVID Certificate for PCR and antigen test results is automatically generated by the laboratory in the MYLAB smartphone application (if you have the latest version). The certificate appears in the dedicated "EU DCC" widget.

This certificate can also be accessed from the MYLAB web interface using your login details.

Your result reports that include an EU Digital COVID Certificate are automatically stored in MYLAB (in the EU DCC widget of the mobile application or from the web interface). You can also find them on MyGuichet.lu.

The QR Code on the Travel Report is an additional security feature that is specific to the BioneXt LAB. It does not replace the EU Digital COVID Certificate, which is valid throughout Europe. The English language Travel Report can be used to travel all over the world, and its QR Code allows the authorities to verify the authenticity of results.

Vaccination certificates or proofs of recovery can be downloaded and/or consulted online in your account on MyGuichet.lu. The laboratory is not presently able to generate these certificates.

 Both tests are performed on a nasopharyngeal swab. The rapid antigen test is less sensitive and specific than the PCR test but has the advantage of providing a result within 30 minutes. It is now accepted for travel by several European countries.

The sensitivity of a rapid antigen test varies depending on the kit used. The kits used by Bionext are CE marked and are among the most sensitive on the market.

The rapid antigen test is not covered by the CNS. The cost is €19.

The rapid antigen tests are performed without appointment at our Picken Doheem centres and at our COVID-19 centre in Leudelange (/en/patients/prelevement/centres-de-prelevement). It is necessary to register on our platform Safeplace.lu to obtain a unique and personal QR Code to present to the nurse.

Go to your app myLAB or to www.safeplace.lu/onboarding to register online. The online payment of your test will generate a QR code to be presented at the sampling centre. No appointment required.

For your first analysis
The availability of your results will be communicated to you by SMS and e-mail which contain a unique token for initial access to your MYLAB account:


  • Download the application on your smartphone or access MYLAB via our website: https://mylab.lu
  • Click on "Login with Token" and enter the Token received by SMS and e-mail
  • Enter your date of birth, your e-mail address and choose a password (to remember for future logins)
  • Your MYLAB account is now activated

Future logins
Once your MYLAB account is activated, you will be notified of the availability of your results by SMS and e-mail.
Access your results by entering your e-mail address and password in the application or on the website https://mylab.lu

The Quick-PCR technique is accelerated by a chemical reaction, while the conventional PCR technique uses a series of temperature changes to amplify the RNA, increasing the time it takes to obtain results.

Quick-PCR is a technique offering 100% reliability (no false positives) and an analytical sensitivity similar to that of conventional PCR.

Unlike conventional PCR tests performed by machines processing several dozen samples at the same time, the Quick-PCR technique is performed patient-by-patient without automation. While allowing for a very fast turnaround time, it cannot be performed on a large volume of samples. This is why it is necessary to make an appointment to have this test done.

Quick-PCR is a manual, non-automated test, performed on a patient-by-patient basis. Its reagent cost is also higher.

The Quick-PCR test is not covered by the CNS. Its price is €99.

The turnaround time for a Quick-PCR test is less than one hour.

Quick PCR tests are offered by appointment at the BioneXt LAB headquarters (2-4 rue du Château d´Eau L-3364 Leudelange) but also at the Foyer Center (12 rue Léon Laval in Leudelange).

Appointments can be made at www.bionext.lu/qpcr/rdv

The test is covered if the patient is affiliated to the CNS and has a prescription for a PCR test.

The CNS does not pay for tests when the prescription is issued for travel abroad (travel, a patient's request, returning from a holiday, required by an employer, sports, for studies). In these cases, or if the patient is not affiliated to the CNS, the test will be charged (€62.33).

In accordance with the guidelines of the Health Directorate, the laboratory is obliged to set priorities due to the current high volume of cases:

  • Patients with a prescription will receive their results within 24 hours.
  • Patients without a prescription or having the test for travel reasons will receive their results within 48 hours

Once the maximum capacity of the laboratory has been reached, the laboratory will be forced to limit access to testing in order to meet the deadlines for transmitting results.

This QR Code makes your result certificate forgery-proof. With it, you can prove your results when travelling abroad, regardless of the country. By scanning it with a smartphone, you gain access to our servers and to a multilingual web page containing all the data of the certificate to guarantee its authenticity.

"COVID-19 tests are done without an appointment at all BIONEXT laboratories.

From opening to 9:00: Priority blood tests

From 9:00 until closing: Non-priority blood tests and COVID-19 PCR tests

As a service available to everybody, and to avoid you having to travel, PICKENDOHEEM also offers you the possibility to have its COVID-19 PCR test performed at the address of your choice, free of charge and by appointment (online via www.pickendoheem.lu, via myLAB App or by telephone at 27-321)."

This is a test used to detect the presence in the blood of antibodies produced by the immune system following an infection with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) or following vaccination.

This medical analysis has several advantages:
 To diagnose:

  • An acute infection in addition to PCR testing
    •  A previous infection among patients not benefiting from a PCR test at the time symptoms appeared or where the PCR test result was negative
  • To know one's immune status vis-à-vis the virus, especially as asymptomatic infections are frequent.
    •  To characterise the immune response following vaccination

Please note: in the case of an one-off prescription, this test does not allow a person's contagiousness to be assessed (in the absence of a prior infection proved by the PCR test).

This analysis can be done with or without a prescription.

  The price of the COVID-19 serological test is €37,94 (analysis €32.71 and blood test €5.23):


  • If you do not have a prescription
  • If you have a prescription containing only the serological test. The CNS does not cover either the analysis or the blood test.

The price for the COVID-19 serological test is €32,71 if you have a prescription containing several blood tests. The CNS does not cover the COVID-19 serological test, but it does cover the cost of the blood test.

The result is available within 24 hours (also available online on MYLAB)

You can access MYLAB via our website.

You can also request to receive your results by post at the moment of your sample collection.

Reset your password from the login area on the MYLAB home page

If you happen to encounter a technical problem with your account, you can contact our helpdesk at (+352) 27-321 or by e-mail helpdesk@bionext.lu

For most of routine analyses, we guarantee a distribution of the results within 24 hours.

Some analyses may take longer, for example bacteriological cultures, allergology analyses or certain serologies.

You will be informed of the deadline for the results when you take your sample.

This test involves four steps:

1. The first blood test is taken on an empty stomach.

This is intended to measure your blood sugar while fasting. To avoid the consequences of feeling faint or ill while travelling to the lab, we advise that a relative or friend accompany you to drive you there and take you home.

2. Ingestion of a sweetened drink

3. Blood sample at H+1 (one hour after drinking the drink)

4. Blood test at H+2:

Two hours after drinking the drink, a third and final blood test will be performed.

For reasons of confidentiality we cannot fax your results to your workplace. On the other hand, you will have direct and secure access to your results from your computer, tablet or smartphone via our MYLAB app.

You can ask to remain anonymous when your sample is taken. Whether you have a prescription or not, you will need to tell us the name of your doctor.

You do not need to be accompanied to have your blood test done. To make sure your analysis can be carried out, you must remember to bring your prescription and your social security card. Whether or not you have a prescription, you should always tell us the name of your doctor.

All our services strictly respect medical ethics and professional secrecy. Your results are yours alone, and your employer will never receive any information about your state of health.

If you have made an appointment online, the time will have been communicated to you.

You should not stop your treatment unless your biologist or doctor specifically requests it.

Your doctor will receive your results in real time on our IT tools, which are available to clinicians for the consultation of results. There is no difference between a doctor practising in Luxembourg and one in a bordering country.

You can have a non-prescription analysis carried out, although you should be aware that the tests will be entirely at your own cost. You will still need to provide us with the name of your treating physician so that we can give him or her a copy of your results.

This varies according to the number of people waiting at the sampling centre. People who have arrived before you will be seen first.

Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid strenuous physical activities for 24 hours before the sample is taken.
  • If you are asked to observe a fasting period, do not eat after 8 p.m. and do not drink alcoholic beverages, sodas or fruit juices. You can drink water. On the morning of the sample, do not have any breakfast. You may have water or black coffee without sugar or milk.
  • Sit and relax during the 10–15 minutes before the sample is taken.
  • When the sample is being taken, remember to tell the staff about any medications you are taking so that the results of your analyses are not distorted.

By following these guidelines, your examination will take place in the best possible conditions.

BIONEXT's partner pharmacies offer extended opening hours, making it easier for you to hand in your samples and buy medicines at the same time, while benefiting from professional supervision.

You can drop off your sample from Monday to Friday during the pharmacy's opening hours and on Saturdays. Please refer to the information sheet for each partner pharmacy.

It is important to collect the sample before starting your antibiotic treatment so as not to disrupt the results of the tests.