Residents or border residents? With or without a prescription? Find out how to perform your COVID-19 test in Luxembourg with BIONEXT.
Our laboratory offers you the following tests:

Covid-19 : Quick PCR
Covid-19 : PCR and antigenic test

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Fertility department

The purpose of spermiology analyzes is to study male fertility.

In men, the key examination is the spermogram, because it makes it possible to evaluate the number and quality of spermatozoa in order to determine whether medically assisted procreation (MAP) is possible.


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Fertility department

Non-invasive prenatal screening (NIPS)

Non-invasive prenatal screening (NIPT) makes it possible to search for the most frequent fetal chromosomal abnormalities (trisomies 21, 13,18) by a simple blood test from the mother-to-be.

This method allows a detection rate of trisomies greater than 99% without risk to the fetus and avoids the risk of miscarriage associated with invasive sampling.

The laboratory is also able to offer an "extended" NIPT test to detect abnormalities on other chromosomes.

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La plateforme de médecine préventive BNEXTCARE synthétise les dernières avancées de la biologie médicale personnalisée et a pour objectif de détecter précocement les comportements ou les modes de vie à risque qui pourraient conduire plus ou moins rapidement à la survenue de maladies chroniques futures (principalement les maladies cardiovasculaires, l'hypertension et le diabète).

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