Itinerant and local medical biology service​​

labomobile extérieur


With LABOMOBILE, the medical analysis laboratory comes to you

The vehicle has been custom designed to be able to receive patients by appointment to carry out all types of samples by our qualified nurse in a comfort equivalent to our sampling centres and in strict hygiene rules. 

With the agreement of the municipality, we establish a weekly schedule for the LABOMOBILE service, allowing the population to make
to make an appointment to take the samples corresponding to the medical prescription.

LABOMOBILE can also intervene in companies or during sports and cultural events. 



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  • No charge
  • Appointment recommended
  • Fixed weekly hours


  • All types of samples
  • Blood samples
  • COVID-19
  • Urine
  • Deposit of samples



  • Complete collection centre
  • Qualified nurse
  • Waiting room
  • Toilet


  • On-board computer
  • No waste


labomobile intérieur
labomobile intérieur
labomobile intérieur

Picken Doheem

PICKEN DOHEEM is a one-off service, free of charge, accessible to all, residents and cross-border commuters, allowing you to take a blood test at the address of your choice throughout Luxembourg.
PICKEN DOHEEM appointments for blood tests and COVID-19 tests can be made directly from our website or from your MYLAB space on the web or on the smartphone application.

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